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A collaboration that celebrates women who have had a mastectomy after breast cancer in this special month of Pink October ♥

The mission of Oh my tits is to place the breasts as an object of art in order to normalize them and thus make a contribution to the fight against the sexualization of the breasts.

We literally fell in love with their pretty breast shaped planters and we decided for this very limited collection to celebrate all the brave women who have fought against breast cancer by representing a mastectomy in this special month. Because all bodies, even those with scars, are beautiful.

These pretty pots are shaped, painted and varnished by hand with a lot of love by Alice Baltus , a potter in Belgium. Each planter is unique as women's breasts are !

Especially for this collection we will use 100% of the profits for the development of our new project on self-examination!

"Each planter is handmade, dried, painted and varnished one by one with a lot of love "


This planter is called Ericka in reference to Ericka Hart , an important figure in the fight against breast cancer . Ericka learns at the age of 28 that she has breast cancer which spreads all over her chest. A very difficult moment for the young woman who will subsequently transform it into strength once healed. She stood out in particular in 2016 when she decided to appear topless at the Afropunk festival proudly displaying her beautiful scars . Ericka advocates body positivism and often poses topless on her Instagram account to raise awareness in her community.


This planter is called Angelina in reference to Angelina Jolie whose preventive double mastectomy in 2013 brought the subject of breast cancer to the forefront of the scene, making thousands of women discover mastectomy and prevention more widely. Angelina uses her notoriety throughout the year to educate women about breast cancer screening.

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