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Hi, we are Titsup !

We make clothing and accessories for all occasions and especially for all women. At Titsup we also love breasts and we take care of them!

Today many of you wear our Titshirts and Sweatits and share our values. But unfortunately, everything didn't start that way...

It all started with the idea of putting two patches on a t-shirt at breast level so you could wear it without a bra. We actually thought the idea was very funny, but we didn't think we would go as far as to create a shop and a brand.


And for good reason, the first day I went out with my t-shirt, all happy with my new creation, I think I lived the most embarrassing day of my life 😓. Strange looks, discreet laughter, everyone without exception gave me negative reviews.


"Ice cream on nipples, isn't that a little too suggestive? »

"Honestly, it's a bit slutty! »

"I'm your boyfriend, I'm not letting you out of the house like that."

tee-shirt tisup motif, imprimé, poitrine, seins palmier

Anyways … I'll spare you the heap of reductive and sexist comments I've received.


It was a weird situation: Almost everyone had a negative opinion about my shirt and raised issues that hadn't even crossed my mind when I put my shirt on. I thought it was a nice shirt, when I put it on I thought it's cool, it's stylish.

And yet at that moment I felt ashamed, I felt like I was giving an image of myself that wasn't the one I wanted to convey.


Something's not right! 


Paradoxically, when everyone was discouraging me from wearing my t-shirt with patches on my nipples, that's when I said to myself: I've got to do something about that!

Why did a simple t-shirt with patches on my breasts raise so much negativity?


My two little patches suggest my two nipples, why would that be vulgar? Everybody knows I have nipples, I don't show them, but just suggesting them is offensive, why?

Are my breasts vulgar? Should I hide them? I love my breasts!

I don't have to be ashamed to wear something that suggests my breasts. Suggesting my tits doesn't make me a slut.


TitsUp was born.

Far too retrograde ideas are still circulating in our society. We believe that a woman should be proud of her breasts and more broadly of her body, of what she is, of what she represents.

tee-shirt tisup motif, imprimé, poitrine, seins coeur rouge

Our commitment to the fight against breast cancer is the logical continuation of this whole story: Loving your breasts means taking care of them. 

It is a subject that is far from being trivial since, unfortunately, it affects us all: 1 woman out of 8 is affected by breast cancer today in France. Associating our commitment with our t-shirts is for us a fun way to deal with a subject that is not always so. Acting for a cause but with a smile. The two are not incompatible.


In short, with TitsUp what we want to convey as a message is to accept ourselves as we are, not to hide and to dare. Dare to be a woman.

Thank you to our entire community for supporting us and sharing our values on a daily basis.

Thank you for proudly wearing your Titshirts and Sweatits.

Thank you to all those strong women who accept themselves and do not hide.

This message is a message that we must carry and share together.


Alicia et Marco

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