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Alexia Cassar x Titsup

The brand that dresses the breasts meets the woman who reconstructs them during an unprecedented collaboration.

Alexia Cassar is a tattoo artist specializing in areola and nipple reconstruction in trompe-l'oeil for women (but also men) who have undergone a mastectomy. For almost 2 years now, Alexia has opened her tattoo parlor The Tétons Tattoo Shop in Marly-la-Ville then another in Nice, the first breast reconstruction salons in France!
On the occasion of Pink October, we therefore imagined together a new patch pattern, which is none other than the nipple, available in three different colors to adapt to each skin tone.
10% of the profits will be donated to associations: Air Hostess Against Cancer for Alexia Cassar and Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-En for Titsup

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Free your nipples ! ♥

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